Friday, November 14, 2008

Uggs? Ugh!

Okay, so it's fall (bleh), which means that for three months now I've been seeing Ugg-clad girls crawling all over the place. Now, I have a serious beef with Uggs. They were cute in '06, they really were, but seriously, give it a rest! And contrary to popular belief, an Ugg (or UGH, as I say) does not go with everything. Let me repeat, since nobody really seems to understand this;


My personal least favorite? Uggs with sweatpants. BLAH. The whole Ugg-sweats outfit is droopy, and nasty, and lazy, and I HATE IT, OH HOW I HATE IT WITH ALL OF MY BEING.
When I say Uggs, I don't mean everything made by the company. I mean, they've come up with some cute designs. When I say Uggs, I mean these awful things. The puffy, sasquatchy, Eskimo-looking almost-slippers.
(Actually, these ones are pretty terrible too.)
The point I'm trying to make here is, I'm sick sick SICK of these UGGly boots. Seriously, get something not hideous. It's possible. STAY STRONG AND RESIST THEIR CUSHIONY PULL!


PS; While I'm in this angry mood, know what else I hate? Chocolate Special K bars. They're disgusting. They'd probably taste worse if I was wearing Uggs, though.

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