Thursday, November 20, 2008

There's only ONE good kind of cleavage.

Today I saw a girl with a terrible problem.
She was wearing some really cute flats, navy with some white detailing, clearly they weren't the problem...
The problem was what the flats revealed....

At least an inch of TOE CLEAVAGE.


I hate toe cleavage, I really do. You can't sport toe cleavage until you're J-Lo, and even then, it's iffy. Showing some cleavage now and then is all well and good, as long as it's of the chest variety. I mean, I have no interest in boobs, but I'd rather see a hint of them than I would a hint of nasty feet. The only thing worse than toe cleavage is, of course, ass cleavage. It's suprising how many poor gals out there have no idea that four inches of crack is hanging out. Seriously, get a handle on things and haul up those jeans!!!


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