Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to look fab... for the moment.

Okay so this is what's hot RIGHT NOW...

-Prints! Prints are so in, it's not even funny. My personal fave being African-print-style tops. Not safari though, safari is way April. Anyway. Other in prints include floral, butterflies, stars, and geometric shapes. I'm especially loving geometric dresses with blocks of bold colors.

-Pale denim. If you're wearing denim, make it light and make it distressed... so toss out those indigo skinnies for some artfully frayed, hip-hugging, almost-white lowrise boot cuts.

-Yellow is hot right now, and will continue to be at least into midsummer, so stock up! And I'm not talking last winter's mustard hues, I'm talking YELLOW, in all it's bold, vibrant glory!

-Neon; BUT BE CAREFUL. Do not get carried away and pull a 1985 ensemble. I'm thinking something along the lines of a lime belt here, a hot-pink bangle there. Of course, not at the same time. Stick with one piece per outfit... may I suggest some cute shades in tropical orange?

-Okay, so I was a little wrong with my prediction that pinstraight was the way to be. Make that way wrong. At the moment, your hair should be in loose (VERY loose, like as loose as LiLo) waves. I suggest letting your hair air dry when you get out of the shower, letting it do it's own little "I just went swimming" style thang.

-Bobs are hot right now, but don't go cutting all your hair off, because I'm not sure how long this one will be okay for.

-You're going to be skeptical... but side ponytails. Nonono, not the high up above the ear with a scrunchie kind... more like fastened subtly at the side of the neck and draping over one shoulder kind. Trust me.

-Well as far as nails are concerned, white is in. Way in. But please don't pull a grade three and go Wite-Out on that shit. I reccomend Chanel Le Vernis in White Satin.

-Buy a new bronzer, seriously. I mean it. Even if you've got Jlo skin going on already, a light bronzer can replace a foundation for the summer months.

-Sheer blues, greens, and coral pinks really make eyes pop on a summery tan...

Please, please, for the sake of everyone who looks at you, do not wear all of these at once.

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It's Deanna Bitch said...

OMG I love how you know all that and I don't. But I also hate it. <3