Monday, June 2, 2008

Eep... seven!

So I realised that I commited every single cardinal sin today!
I committed Sloth because I slept in like half an hour after my alarm went off.
This was shortly followed by Gluttony, when I ate two bowls of gross cereal with full-fat milk.
I also fell victim to Pride, when walking past a car window that I checked myself out in I was like "Dayummm" cause my hair looked good for once.
Greed was when I didn't give money to a homeless guy because I really wanted a chai latte.
I also committed Lust, when my friends were talking about Gossip Girl, and I was like thinking about how fucking awesome it would be to do unholy things to Ed Westwick.
I was Wrathful (...that's a word, right?) when this girl told me my LV Ellipse manbackpack looks fake, and I totally snapped at her and got way bitchy.
And last, but not least, my Envy moment was when I saw a guy in D&G jeans, and was like completely amazed at how nice they were and how good they looked on him, and wished for like ever that my jeans weren't American Eagle.
So now I'm going to hell, because not only have I committed them all, but I committed them all in a less-than-12-hour timeframe.
And also God hates faggots.
The afterlife is lookin' peachy.

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It's Deanna Bitch said...

Don't worry, babe. I'll see youthere!