Sunday, June 22, 2008


Let's all pause and have a moment of silent envy.
My BFF is going away for the rest of the summer to California and getting paid gobs of money to do a ridiculously easy job. Seriously. Who wouldn't kill to be able to go laze around in the sun all day yelling at kids?! She scored like the best-paying, most-amazing summer job... watching a kid.
No, really, that's all.
In fucking California.
With like a crazy salary.
Not to mention I'm going to miss her like hell... <333


Rapunzel said...

Oh, wow! What a lucky gal! Hey, do you want to come to FL and watch my kids?! Wait, they are nearly grown and can watch themselves..and I can't actually pay anything..but, hey, I have a 4 bedroom house w/a pool about 1/2 an hour from the ocean! Head on down! ;-)

It's Deanna Bitch said...

I know how you feel, babe.