Tuesday, April 8, 2008

H&M? Cosmo? Boring?

Okay so the other day I applied at H&M, right? Well I am freaking out because I really want the job (part-time sales associate, bitches!) and it sooo beats where I'm working now. I'm working at this little coffee shop which is GREAT, but not really my thing. I mean, I want a career in fashion, so if I had the choice between H&M and a cafe? Um, helloooo!
Anyway, I'm having a bitch fit because I only applied like two days ago but I'm still wondering if they'll call for an interview. How long does it usually take? Like almost a week right?
Ugh. Either way I'm just trying to find things to do to keep me occupied until I find out. Things like reading too many magazines. By the way I just renewed my subscriptions to Cosmo and Loulou, but you really don'y give a fuck.

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