Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh gosh... you straight people are silly... and blind?

Sooooo today my boyfriend was nearly snatched away from me! OH GOSH!
Okay, well, it wasn't all that extreme. But not too long ago (really recently actually, like an hour maybe?) we were heading home, and he had to get a gift for his mother, because her birthday is coming up soon (I should know the date of it, but honestly, I have noooo idea). So we went into like this book store, and I was browsing trashy magazines and stuff while he went to look at smart-people books (teehee), and this is what happened...
So he's wandering around, et cetera, and this girl is standing next to him, and she was like really pretty by the way, and had amazing hair. But that is NOT the point here. So, apparently, she started talking to him and was all "Ooh, what are you buying, blah blah, small talk," and he said a birthday gift for his mom and she got all "Oh that's so sweet...", you know.
Anyway, she gets around to "Are you here with your girlfriend?", his response to which was "No, I'm with him," (me... heh), which she took to mean we were just friends (AHAHAHAHAHAHA... haha... hee).
She kept up her little innocent-flirty chat thing while they were looking around, totally not getting the fact that when he said with, he meant with, and I was on my way over when I heard something along the lines of her asking him to go for coffee or something, to which he repeated that he was with me. And all it took was hearing that for me to understand what was going on, so I decided to make things brief... The picture of casualosity, I grabbed his hand once I got over there, and managed to work words like honey, babe, etc, into asking if he was done.
Now, that is sooo not the whole story, because that sort of thing happens a lot. What makes this interesting enough to share is the fact that she didn't get it. No, really. I know, right?! She wandered around mooning over him and not shutting up with her flirtiness. He ended up not buying anything for his mom there, and we were on our way out when she called after him that she'd forgotten to ask for his number. I was pretty amused. And he was pretty flustered. So I explained to her that he was not in the least interested, because he was taken, by a guy, who was me. She pretty much did the standard blush and shock thing, but when I turned my back I swear I heard her call me an asshole! I probably should have done something more severe (ie; a physical beating) than saying whatever... but... whatever.

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It's Deanna Bitch said...

OMFG... how blonde do you have to be to not understand those very bold actions...??