Friday, March 28, 2008

Amazing amazing fabulous fantastic

Why are you reading my blog when you should be on Limewire? Go download Mocean Worker!!! Anything by Mocean Worker!!! But especially Right Now, Tres Tres Chic, and Intothinair. Seriously. ORGASMATTACK.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


You should be listening to The Takeover, The Breakover by Fall Out Boy (shut up...)
Dance 2 The House by Lisa Lashes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love this chick like I was a hetero

Go read this girl's blog like it's the best blog in the world.
Which it probably isn't, because there's some quality bloggage out there.
But she's still amazing.
It's Deanna Bitch


Actually, no, I take it back, pink is still my fave color. But seriously, pink is getting shoved over this season for CORAL. MY NEW THIRD FAVE COLOR.
That's right. I blog when I discover that a color is hot. A color. You really didn't think I was a loser before, did you? Hah.
Stock up on coral. Especially in flirty cocktail dresses. TRUST ME.

ANTM update

Watched ANTM. Too lazy to go into detail. I hate Dominique. Sad that Aimee's gone... but she's a prude. Whatev. Warming up to Anya... a little. Tyra is fab. Miss J is fab. Whitney rocked the shoot. The end.

Oh gosh... you straight people are silly... and blind?

Sooooo today my boyfriend was nearly snatched away from me! OH GOSH!
Okay, well, it wasn't all that extreme. But not too long ago (really recently actually, like an hour maybe?) we were heading home, and he had to get a gift for his mother, because her birthday is coming up soon (I should know the date of it, but honestly, I have noooo idea). So we went into like this book store, and I was browsing trashy magazines and stuff while he went to look at smart-people books (teehee), and this is what happened...
So he's wandering around, et cetera, and this girl is standing next to him, and she was like really pretty by the way, and had amazing hair. But that is NOT the point here. So, apparently, she started talking to him and was all "Ooh, what are you buying, blah blah, small talk," and he said a birthday gift for his mom and she got all "Oh that's so sweet...", you know.
Anyway, she gets around to "Are you here with your girlfriend?", his response to which was "No, I'm with him," (me... heh), which she took to mean we were just friends (AHAHAHAHAHAHA... haha... hee).
She kept up her little innocent-flirty chat thing while they were looking around, totally not getting the fact that when he said with, he meant with, and I was on my way over when I heard something along the lines of her asking him to go for coffee or something, to which he repeated that he was with me. And all it took was hearing that for me to understand what was going on, so I decided to make things brief... The picture of casualosity, I grabbed his hand once I got over there, and managed to work words like honey, babe, etc, into asking if he was done.
Now, that is sooo not the whole story, because that sort of thing happens a lot. What makes this interesting enough to share is the fact that she didn't get it. No, really. I know, right?! She wandered around mooning over him and not shutting up with her flirtiness. He ended up not buying anything for his mom there, and we were on our way out when she called after him that she'd forgotten to ask for his number. I was pretty amused. And he was pretty flustered. So I explained to her that he was not in the least interested, because he was taken, by a guy, who was me. She pretty much did the standard blush and shock thing, but when I turned my back I swear I heard her call me an asshole! I probably should have done something more severe (ie; a physical beating) than saying whatever... but... whatever.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


You should be listening to Tres Tres Chic by Mocean Worker.

Shopping day today...

So I went shopping today... I bought two pairs of jeans (Abercrombie) two shirts (one Abercrombie, one American Eagle) and a pair of slip-on shoes (Old Navy). I then realised how awfully preppy my wardrobe is, and bought a ridiculously tight black teeshirt that says "FAG" in trashy-looking punky letters so I could feel better about my day. I also bought a new tongue barbell (white). All in all a fairly good waste of money.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top Model, bitches!

Okay, so here are my ANTM lists for this cycle...

Whitney []
Aimee []
Katarzyna []

Anya []
Claire []

Fatima []
Dominique []
Lauren []

Sooooo glad Marvita got the boot this week... I mean, she looked like a boy! I loved her ghetto attitude and she took the occasional good picture, but modeling is about looking good enough to make people want what you're wearing, you know? Which brings me to my thing with Lauren. One word. Troll.

Speaking of reality shows, I'm gonna cover my Pussycat Dolls presents Girlicious lists now too (shut up)...

Jenna []
Nichole []

Natalie []
Carrie []
Charlye []

Chrystina []
Tiffanie []

Okay, so Ilisa was my favorite... UNTIL SHE GOT KICKED OFF... so now I'm rooting Nichole all the way. I mean, Jenna is superglam, but laaaazy! And Christyna is GAWJUSS, but a whiny, irritating girl. And I just think Tiffanie is ugly, so whatev.

Bonjour, Hola, Konichiwa, Ciao

First ever blog, first ever post! Who's excited?!
So quel est le point? What will this blog be about? Well, to start...
Fashion, dramatics, and vapidness. In other words, the inside of my head. In even different words, a summary of my life, which is just exciting enough to bore you and make you envious... at the same time. Skilled, right? So, I'm not exactly sure who my target audience is (who reads blogs these days?) and so am not writing for anyone but me. Basically that means I don't expect you to pay close attention... at all.
I'll post something of substance within the next few... minutes. I have no life. So this project will be well developed.